So you’ve rented storage space from Eagle’s Nest! Now that the easy part is over, it’s time to start the packing and storing process. We’re here to help you get the most out of our facilities, which means utilizing the space to it’s maximum potential. Let’s get to saving time, money, and space!


Break it Down

Anything that can be taken apart, especially furniture, should be to save a ton of space. Removing the legs from chairs and tables can dramatically cut down on the space they take up. You’d be surprised how small a dinner table becomes when it’s legs are removed! Office chairs can be particularly annoying to store, but it’s worth taking the time to break them down. Even objects you wouldn’t think of to take apart can be broken down to become much more convenient.


Storing Inside Storage

Got a shelf or dresser in your storage unit? Fill it with anything that will fit! Things you wouldn’t normally put in a cabinet will do just fine, as you shouldn’t be worried about why it’s there. You may not store your silverware in your sock drawer at home, but consider it smart in your storage unit. Anything with open space can be filled with smaller objects lying around.


Heavy on the Bottom

When stacking your items in the unit, remember to place the larger, heavier objects at the bottom of the pile. Plan out the stack beforehand so you’re not left rearranging things four items down.


Wiggle Room

The last thing you want to do when you’re taking an item out of storage is to take other things out to get what you want. Organizing your space properly can take time, so leave an aisle so that you can access the back of the unit without having to pull out the front. The more rearranging you do, the less organized things are going to stay (and the less space you’ll have!).


These are just a few helpful hints to think about when storing your belongings. There are many creative ways to optimize your storage unit, so make a plan and get packing!