Proper Packing

In our last blog we discussed best practices for organizing your storage unit. While it is important to properly organize, it’s just as important to properly pack. Imagine playing a game of Tetris with odd-shaped pieces, it would be a nightmare! Storing your things in an organized manner will allow you to get to your things easily, and packing correctly will allow you to take those things out without any trouble.

It’s important to remember that the amount of time you’re storing something shouldn’t inform how you pack it. You should always choose the proper container for your belongings, whether they be clothes, electronics, or important documents. You never know how long something may be in storage, especially considering you might forget about it. Before packing your things to put in storage ask yourself this: Am I comfortable with this being in storage for multiple years? If you’re looking at a garbage bag full of clothes, the answer should be “no”.

Structural integrity should be at the forefront of your mind when packing. Bags lack both structure and integrity, especially if they’re made of plastic. They can rip, stretch, break, and they don’t hold a space-saving form. Boxes and storage bins on the other hand are generally sturdy and hold their form. They can be packed, stacked, and reintegrated into your storage unit after you take them out.

As well as having a solid space-saving container, you should think about what the packing will do to the contents over time. In this case ventilation is key. Bags inherently lack ventilation which is another reason not to use them. Tie up a garbage bag full of clothes and you have a big blob of clothes with no air to breathe. This means that any bit of moisture that gets into the bag will result in mold and mildew over time.

When it’s time to put your things back into storage after removing them you’re doing yourself a huge favor by packing correctly. If you’re in need of boxes for proper packing we offer competitively priced products for optimizing your storage with us at Eagle’s Nest.