AUCTION DATES FOR 2021 All Auctions are held on Wednesdays!

Date Time
1/20/21 2:00 PM
2/17/21 2:00 PM
3/17/21 2:00 PM
4/21/21 2:00 PM
5/19/21 2:00 PM
6/16/21 2:00 PM
7/21/21 2:00 PM
8/18/21 2:00 PM
9/15/21 2:00 PM
10/20/21 2:00 PM
11/17/21 2:00 PM


All children MUST be supervised at all times and can not interfere with the lien sale process.

Attendees with unruly children may be asked to leave the premises.
Please be courteous and silence your cell phone!


Time of sale for all dates is 2 PM. Please arrive in office 15 min early for registration.

All legal ads listing units in the auction will be posted in the News Tribune, Legal Ad section, in the Wednesday edition, two consecutive weeks prior to sale date.

Public Lien Sale Policy

1. All Lien sales are conducted pursuant to the Florida Self Storage Facility Act.

2. Eagles Nest Storage and/or a representative hired by Eagles Nest Storage will be conducting this sale.

3. All units being sold were inventoried and pictures taken. The units have been sealed with a yellow auction tag. No items in the units have been removed with the exception of firearms; if found, they are turned over to the police.

4. Please do not touch or move any of the items in the storage units.

5. All units being purchased today are “as is, where is”. We do not warranty or guarantee any items purchased through this public sale.

6. All items should be inspected prior to leaving the premises, especially items of furniture. Customers have been known to store illegal substances; so please check each item carefully.

7. All units are sold in their entirety.

8. If you purchase a unit, you must remove everything within 48 hours or make arrangements to rent the unit(s). If all the contents are not removed within this allotted time if NO arrangements have been make with the manager to rent the unit(s) until such time the items can be removed; the unit(s) will be deemed “abandoned”. If the unit is not emptied and/or not left broom clean the bidder will not be allowed to attend any future sales.

9. All payments must be made in CASH or credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS) at the time of the Public Lien Sale. You will be asked to sign a credit card authorization form for this transaction. NO CHECKS will be accepted.

10. There may be a deposit charged to buyers, which will be returned to you after you have totally removed all items in the unit(s) purchased. The facility dumpster MAY NOT be used for disposal.

11. If you wish to secure a unit after purchase, a cylinder lock will be provided to you.

12. If you find items of a personal nature such as wedding license, photos, birth certificates, tax records, et., we ask you to give them to the manager.

13. This is NOT an absolute SALE. We try to sell all units listed in the Public Lien Sale Legal Ad, however, we do reserve the right to decline a bid we consider too low.

14. When you arrive for the Auction you will be asked to sign a Bid Procedures sheet. You will receive a bidder’s number once the paperwork is complete this will allow you to participate in the sale.